Solveig’s Diary – March 29, 2018

We had a good journey up to Ratankot. We made a stop in Khadichour to buy fruit for the Home of Hope children and stopped for lunch. The scenery was indescribable with green valleys, and many rice fields. It was a living and continuous world outside of the window. The whole way life was taking place, people carrying stones, people in the fields, or people working to make the road better. When we arrived at Home of Hope we were welcomed by 14 waiting children and housemother Asha.

It was so touching to meet each and every child. I’ve only seen them for a few hours today and I am looking forward to getting to know each of their personalities more!

The children showed us around the greenhouse, where it appears the season has ended, and they have started to plant again. There were small plants coming up of beans, corn, onion, peas, spinach, chili’s and we felt the smell of coriander as soon as we entered the greenhouse. There were lemon trees, orange trees and kiwi trees growing up.

Next we went to the chicken house, there were 10 hens, one rooster and many babies running around. There were also a couple hens laying eggs, which we saw eggs later on in the fridge from the chicken house. We saw the rabbits and new ducklings. We met the Home of Hope dog, and it felt a bit like a farm with so many animals. I feel that it’s good for these to children to grow up beside animals because then they become more harmonious.

I remember when speaking with Sophie many years ago when she was presenting her idea of creating Lööf Foundation. Both my husband and I thought it was a great idea to help others in need. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to come here. Today is the day I have made it to Home of Hope and I feel so overwhelmed and thankful.

Solveig Sundberg
Lööf Foundation representative




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