Home of Hope children’s Diary – March 31, 2018

Sunita Tamang, 16 years old,

Today I am happy to enjoy the day with my brothers and sisters because we have holiday from school. I am so happy to get my letter from my sponsor Gaetano DiFazio. I helped to water the flowers and plants in the greenhouse. Sophie gave us all new t-shirts from Kenya, I feel so happy for this gift. Thank you so much! We took a group photo of us all in our new t-shirt, everyone was happy to get a new present. We watched films made by Niklas and ate popcorn. I’ve felt happy all day and have spent the whole day with Morgan and Solveig. One day I hope to catch all of my dreams. If I catch my dreams, then I will help next generations like aunty and uncle have helped me.

Samjhana Tamang, 15 years old,

Today we took pictures of the whole family at Home of Hope. We cleaned our room. We enjoyed the day with dear Morgan and Solveig. We watched films about Home of Hope. I want to say thank you to Niklas for making the videos for us. Today we got new gift from Sophie, t-shirt from Kenya. We say hearty thank you, we will enjoy these new t-shirts. Then we enjoyed taking pictures with the new shirts. Today our environment is so quiet because we have holiday. We are doing many activities with brother and sister, Morgan and Solveig. We are so happy with our new representative Solveig. She is so helpful and she looks like our guardian. Today my day has passed very fast, I can’t believe it. Bye bye and see you again!

Preeti Lama, 15 years old,

Today I woke up early morning because I want to help cook in the kitchen. I helped make breakfast, then after we fed brother and sister who were sick. Some went off to clean around Home of Hope. Today I am so happy because we have holiday. Today we enjoyed so much with our lovely Morgan and Solveig, brother, sister, uncle and aunt. We took a picture with new t-shirt which was gift from dear Sophie. We had fun watching videos made by Niklas about Home of Hope. I then prepared for my next exam tomorrow, therefore I study hard. I am so happy to live here at Home of Hope. We help everyday with different activities and we all laugh when we look at pictures!





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