Asha’s Diary – April 1, 2018

I am the housemother of Home of Hope and I am 31 years old. I really like to work here and am happy with all children. Today I woke up at 6:30 and made bread and tea for my 14 children. I washed the children’s dirty clothes in the washing machine and then took a short rest. For lunch we made rice, potato, and dal (lentils). Preeti and Anita helped me make food, it felt good and became easy to have help. The older children went to school to write their exam. The younger children stayed home with me. They played outside and helped me wash clothes, wash and arrange dishes and helped me to cook. They also helped to peel the potatoes for snack.

Today is Preeti’s birthday, so Morgan and I wanted to give her surprise. I baked a cake and left in fridge. Around 3:00 all of the older children came home from school and ate snack. Morgan gave Preeti her sponsor letter since it was her birthday. Preeti showed me her letter and photos and she was so happy to get the letter. Preeti was excited today because it was her birthday. We had dinner where we had rice, Buffalo, and vegetables with spicy potato.

After dinner we celebrated Preeti’s birthday where we had cake, and we all danced. I feel very happy to see the kids dance. I wish for all children to feel like this everyday, being free, singing, dancing, sharing feelings, loving each other and feeling good.

Asha Lama

Housemother of Home of Hope





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