Lööf Foundation’s Diary – March 27, 2018

We have finally arrived in Nepal! However, we had to circle around for at least 30 minutes in the air because it was so cloudy, and the pilot couldn’t see. We were waiting and excited to land, it was a shame it was so overcast because then we couldn’t see the beautiful mountains around us.

Solveig felt very calm and satisfied that she had finally made it here for the first time. We were greeted by Shyam and it was so great to see him! Even though it is Solveig’s first time here, we felt overwhelmed by the noises, the traffic, the people, the smells and life that goes on here. There is so much life happening at once, all around you, it can be hard to take it all in at one time.

We were surprised by how well our driver drove, as there are not many traffic rules, no marked roads, lights or signs. There is so much honking happening around you, you aren’t sure who is honking at who. At times, trucks and buses pass by you with inches to spare. We made it safely to the monastery where we got settled into our room. We then had lunch and headed to the Stupaaaaaa where we would meet Shree and Radhika Thapa. They are two Home of Hope alumni who are now continuing their education in Kathmandu. Radhika has switched her field of study to journalism, and both of them have achieved B+’s on their precious exams.

We feel a sense of proudness towards these two as they have continued to go for their dreams and strive in their education even after leaving the care of Home of Hope. This evening we will have a meeting with Pema Dorjee Lama, our monk and guardian of the Home of Hope project. We feel so excited and happy to be here, and cannot wait to get to Home of Hope and see all of the children’s faces!



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