Lööf Foundation’s Diary – March 26, 2018

We are waiting at Arlanda for our flight as we take off soon! It’s amazing to see that it is Lööf Foundation’s 12th trip to nepal! We are feeling very excited, happy, and adventurous to head back to Nepal to visit Home of Hope and see all of the children!

We will introduce our newest representative Solveig Sundberg. I am 65 years old and come from Otterbäcken in Sweden. I am a registered nurse, and have experience volunteering in Tanzania in different rural areas, and an orphanage. The last 5 years I have been working with new youth coming to Sweden without their families. I’ve worked as a nurse and social worker assistant with these youth. 

I’m very happy to have gotten this opportunity to join Lööf Foundation in this trip and I hope I can help the children at Home of Hope. While there I will do a health check up on the Home of Hope children, help give emotional and mental support, visit the health clinic, and give health check up to school children and any villagers who are in need.

While in Ratankot we will check up on the Home of Hope children, check on the solar water tank, provide the school children with lunch, hand out sponsor letters and of course give love and support to all of the children. We have many medical supplies we will give to the small health clinic in the village, and hand out some baby clothing to the villagers in need! We will be holding a man’s meeting for the male villagers to educate them on sexual health, and reproduction.

We are very excited to leave soon and get to Nepal. It will be a great feeling to be back and see all of the children again! See you soon Nepal!

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