Morgan’s Diary – February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In honor of this special day, I’d like to stick with the theme of love. During my time here with the Razkal girls, I’ve come to notice the theme of love that is associated with the team.

1. Love for the sport:
These girls truly love the sport of football/futsal. It is their life. Their passion. When they practice, they are 100% invested in improving their skills, teamwork, agility and conditioning. When they play a game, they play the game fair and square, unconcerned with whatever else is going on or what the other teams think of them. They simply just play because they love the sport.

2. Love and support from the parents:
After completing almost all

home visits to each girl on the Razkals team, it’s apparent that the girls parents support their daughters playing both mentally and emotionally even if they can’t always support them financially. Even if the parents cannot make it to the girls games, it’s because they are busy working to feed the mouths of the household. This is the parents way of showing love to their children, families and daughters.

3. Love to the coaches:
I have spent a lot of time with coach Ronan and coach Rhosner. In spending time with them I’ve learned how much they love their players. They would do anything and everything for them. They show compassion, kindness, hospitality, knowledge, wisdom and love to each player who joins the Razkal club.

4. Love for the players:
All of the players on the team show each other love every single day. They support one another with their personal problems. They support each other with food and money if they have. They support each other with kinds words, encouragement, and hugs. They all sing together when they drive home, they share responsibilities and difficult times. Every act of kindness is their way of showing love for one another.

5. Love for their community/city/country:
The team has a strong love, pride and association with their city of Talisay. They play in the name of Talisay. They play hard and strong to bring pride to the name of their city. This is their way of showing love for the city that they come from.

Today I held my second workshop. I only had the girls team again as school was canceled due to the typhoon that has passed through. The workshop was about self-awareness. We spoke about trusting yourself, loving yourself, and gaining more self-confidence/self-esteem. We spoke about fears, and external opinions. It was a really great workshop, many times when I’d be talking, the girls had the most concentrated look on their faces. They were very focused in learning and listening.

Everyone of the girls participated and I was very proud of them at times for stepping up in front of everyone and sharing their fears or negative opinions about themselves. I was really glad to spend this time with them today and get to know them even deeper.

Even though today is Valentines Day, and a day to show love to those around you, I feel as though it’s Valentines Day for the Razkal team everyday because they always show love.

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative

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