Morgan’s Diary – February 11, 2018

What an incredible day today! I went together with the girls Razkal team to Naga, where they played in the Mayor Kristine Chiong Football Tournament for U18. They played 4 games today. The first game they won 1-0, second game they won 3-0, third game they lost 0-1, and the last game they won 1-0.

Before the games today I handed out Lööf Foundation water bottles and Swedish jerseys for them to wear for the games that were donated by Segeltorps IF\Katarina Magnusson and Waldermar Schettini. The goal keeper jerseys that the girls wore during the games today were donated by Gullspångs IF football team. The first aid kit donated by TorBjörn Lööf and first aid kit items donated by Partex Marking Systems Sweden came into great use today, as I helped tend to a team members infected foot, and also helped a player from another team who hurt her arm. Thank you to everyone who donated football items to us, they have really been of good use for the girls and they are all so grateful for everything we have handed out today. Tomorrow I will finish handing out the last of the donated items I brought with me!

I felt so honored and privileged to be able to see them play in person. It was even better than I could have ever imagined! I felt like a proud parent cheering for the girls on the sideline. To see them in action and play made me extremely impressed. The skill, passion, drive, determination and resilience they showed today was unlike any I’ve seen before. Even when they lost one of their games today, every player came off of the field with a smile on their face. One thing that coach Ronan teaches the girls is that they should first and foremost have fun. Seeing the smiles on the girls faces even after losing, proved to me that they they take having fun and playing the simple sport of football very seriously and that it is what really matters to them.

These girls just want to play football, and coach Ronan with his support system has provided this opportunity for the girls. I could tell that these girls truly appreciate the opportunity and never give less than 110% when they play. Seeing the girls place 1st in the championship was truly amazing. At the end of the day, I said a few words to the girls, expressing how proud I was of them. I almost started to cry because I have so much respect, love and pride for these girls. Razkals will forever be a team that I will cheer for, and these girls will forever have a place in my heart.

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative

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