Morgan’s Diary – February 9/10, 2017

Yesterday I started the morning by visiting Mohon Divino Amore National Highschool. I met with the principal first, Jeditho Dela Cuesta, who has been a principal for 11 years. The school ranges from grade 7-12 and has approximately 1 200 students. The school is run under the government so there is no school fee for the parents. In their senior year they can take a major in a specific subject such as computer science, baking, beauty or technical training for example. This is to create the opportunity for the student to take one of three options upon graduating, going to college, creating their own business or working. The principal seemed very engaged in the students and showed a lot of support for the Razkal football teams. After speaking with the principal, we went out to where all the students were.

We came to a small clearing around some buildings of the school and there were so many students standing on the balcony cheering and shouting. It was a very energetic atmosphere! The students by grade each presented a dance with song. A few girls were dressed in these elaborate and elegant gowns, while the dancers all had different costumes on. Their dances were so captivating to watch, and you could really feel the Filipino culture. Next it was my turn to present a small speech for all the students. I introduced myself and then spoke to them about education, knowledge, and for them to go for their dreams and goals. The Razkal girls then put on a special welcome performance for me by doing a dance, and two team members also sang a very beautiful song. The amount of time and effort they put into this welcome must have been a lot, and it was truly a moment I won’t forget. I met with all the football girls afterwards and spent some time with them at the school. They were all so funny, dancing and singing to me.

Last night I had a sleepover with five of the girl’s Razkal team and one girl who used to play for the team, but is now in further school, and being an assistant coach for the girl’s. It was really great to spend some quality time with the girls and get to know them better.

This morning I went to watch the boy’s play in the quarter finals, which I am happy and proud to announce they won 6-1! They played against a private school and worked so well together, I was very impressed! Afterwards, everyone met up with the girls to go together to a cave called Jaclupan. It was an amazing experience to walk through a cave to an opening with a waterfall inside the cave. Even better, was that I got to do this with all of the girls. I am starting to see the individual personalities of each girl, and each one slowly comes out of their shell a little more each moment I spend with them. They are like a small family, each person looking out for the other. Caring for one another, helping each other and being supportive. The bond between these girls is unbreakable and I feel fortunate to witness this. From seeing how they treat each other off the field, makes me even more excited to see them play together in their game tomorrow.

I will be on the sidelines cheering loud and proud!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative


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