Morgan’s Diary – February 6, 2018

I am finally on my way to Cebu! I have landed in Dubai for my layover, which makes me one step closer to meeting the girls Razkal football team! I am very excited to meet them all, and the coaches! I have two very full suitcases filled with donated football items, and I cannot wait to hand them all out! Thank you again to everyone who helped and donated to such a great cause!

The girls Razkal team is a strong, determined and resilient group of girls, who I feel privileged that I get to finally meet in person! While there I will visit the school and hold a gender equality workshop and self-awareness workshop! For the girls team I will hold a team building workshop and self-awareness workshop. I will see them practice and even get to watch them play a game on the weekend!

Next time you hear from me I will be in Cebu!
Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative




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