Niklas and Morgan’s Diary – November 11, 2017:

Last night was pure happiness watching the Home of Hope family break out in dance. To see the youngest child to the oldest, showing their well-practiced dance routines. Today we finished the classroom, and it feels really amazing to see how everything has taken form from a dusty, gray storage room into a colorful, welcoming classroom.

Last night was dance night at Home of Hope, and it was so great to see the kids let loose and dance. It truly is my favorite day while here in Nepal because the children’s faces light up, and you can see them being children and really living in the moment. It was also very funny to see the children try and teach Niklas Nepalese dance! I read Monica and Kaylee’s letter to the children last night and they were all so happy to hear from them!

This morning we went to the chicken house with the children to give them food, water and check for any eggs. There was one hen sitting on eight eggs!! We left her, as she is laying eggs that will hatch. This is really good to see, as new chickens will come. Two nights ago, Aren and Hari brought three new hens to the chicken house, so there are nine hens in total now!

We worked on the classroom today, and have finished it! I am really looking forward to the inauguration tomorrow as all of the school children have been so curious. They will finally get a chance to use the classroom and start learning! It will also be very fun to celebrate with them all.

We had a really good day with the children, as we interviewed a few of them and took portrait photos. I also took the opportunity to give them the new underwear, and clothes I brought from Kathmandu. I had a small talk with the girls about their bodies and coming into womanhood. They thought it was very funny, but were also very interested in hearing and learning.
I’ve been very happy to see that every child still has the habit of changing into their pajamas each night. They all say goodnight to Asha and Shyam now, gives hugs and even say goodnight to their other brothers and sisters. This is a great routine that they have learnt as it brings them a little bit closer to each other every day, while also teaching them to change their clothes for bed.

Now we will go to bed early, as tomorrow is the big day!

Niklas and Morgan

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