Morgan and Niklas’s Diary – November 3, 2017,


Today was another shopping day in Kathmandu. We started by gathering different types of fabric and material for the sewing portion of the technical workshop. We got 15 different types of fabric and patterns. We also got lots of fluff, so the children can learn how to make pillows! We then moved on to another shop where we got thread, thread pickers, sewing ruler sticks, sewing chalk and machine oil for the sewing machine. We then moved onto the next few stores to gather the rest of the wood working material, such as hand saws, hand drills, hammers, nails, screws and hinges. I also gathered other items like small stools, aprons and hooks to hang the aprons on in the classroom.

We spent the rest of the day at the shopping mall where we bought items for the Home of Hope children such as new underwear, warmer pants, food, hygiene items and cleaning products. Picking out items for the children really made me even more excited for tomorrow as we are heading to Home of Hope tomorrow!! The tables and cabinets for the technical workshop are now complete and will be picked up by truck to transport to Ratankot. This excitement that I feel to see all of the children once again is unlike any other feeling, the closest I can compare to is when you wait for Christmas to come. Each of the children hold a special place in my heart, and now it has been five months since I have seen them, so I am beyond eager to start the long drive to Ratankot!

The best part of today was when we met with Radhika and Shree Thapa, who are now Home of Hope alumni. They moved out of Home of Hope this summer to pursue their education in Kathmandu studying business management. It was so great to meet with them and catch up with them again and hear about their lives in Kathmandu now. They expressed that they really love their school, have made new friends and are doing well in school. I am truly proud of both of them for doing so well in Kathmandu, as I would assume it is a big adjustment coming from a small village in the mountains, to a big, busy city like Kathmandu. They miss Home of Hope and all of their other brothers and sisters there, but are happy where they are now.

I feel very successful after today, as we have now gathered all items for the classroom, except for wood which we will collect on the way! Now it is just time to sleep, as we are packing up the jeep early tomorrow morning!


I am feeling very excited to meet all of the children, after hearing so much about them and collecting all of the items we bought for them today. I’m very eager to finally put a face to the name. It’s going to be nice to leave Kathmandu and get into the country side as I have heard it is beautiful.  I am looking forward to seeing the landscape and how people live outside of the city. I think that filming in Ratankot will feel more personal since I will get to meet all of the children that I am filming.

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