Morgan and Niklas’s Diary – November 1, 2017

We have finally made it to Kathmandu, Nepal, Niklas Bergman being a film-maker and photographer from Gothenburg, Sweden and me Morgan from the Lööf Foundation. All of our flights went great, and we even landed early! It was such a beautiful day to fly into Kathmandu, as there were big white fluffy clouds, and sunny skies! We could even see the snowy white tops of the mountains, and all of the rice fields carved into the sides of mountains!

It was so nice to meet Shyam at the airport and see him again! It was quite busy as we came out of the airport as per usual! Niklas’s first impressions of Nepal is that everything is a piece of art, it’s organized chaos, everyone is so nice and he loves monkeys!! He is feeling quite excited for the first walk in Kathmandu and to get to Ratankot with all of the children and start filming!!

There was a lot of traffic today, more than usual, and a bit longer drive to the Porong Monastery than normal. However, we made it safe and sound and now are about to take some lunch! We will meet again with Shyam to go over the materials we need to get in Kathmandu, and shop a little so we can check more items off our list!

It feels so great to be back in Nepal, to see all of the people again, familiar faces, all the traffic, sights, smells, and noises that I’ve come to love in Nepal!

Morgan and Niklas

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