Morgan’s Diary – October 20, 2017,

Lööf Foundation had the great pleasure of attending Project Playground’s charity gala hosted by Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia and His Royal Highness Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden. The gala was held to raise funds for Project Playground which is an organization that seeks to “provide a safe world where every child grows up with a belief in the future and the possibility to influence their own life.” They have a project working with townships in South Africa and with the unaccompanied and refugee youth in Sweden.

We had a great evening meeting so many passionate and interesting people. The highlight of the evening was when we watched film about a disabled boy in South Africa that Project Playground helped support for a long time, be able to walk for the first time!

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner, live music and entertainment from the beautiful Swedish singer Carola, Uno Sveningsson and a great band⭐️
The best news is that during the dinner we collectively raised SEK 1.4 million towards their great cause. Thank you Project Playground for allowing us to take part in such a memorable night!

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