Morgan’s Diary – July 21, 2017,

Last summer we had the great fortune of donating clothes at a communal living area in Gullspång for people who have sought refuge here in Sweden. During our visit, we met a great woman, Wafaa Alali who has been living in Sweden for close to two years now. She contacted us asking if we had any children’s clothes and shoes that we could donate to four young girls who came from Syria and were in need. Of course we immediately said yes and packed a bag for them. We put together pants, dresses, skirts, shirts and a pair of shoes for each girl. When I met the girls, they were all very nice and polite. I stayed for coffee, as it is a custom in their culture to sit and drink something with them. It was hard to communicate with them as they knew little English and I only knew some Swedish. However, it worked out great because they understood the Swedish I spoke and I even taught them some English words!

Many times, they would giggle or laugh when I took a long time to think of a question in Swedish, or when I would say a word wrong. It was a lot of fun to put a smile on their faces and be silly with them! We talked about their time here in Sweden, their favorite sports and what their plans for the summer are. It makes us very happy knowing that we could help Wafaa and many others last summer. Being able to see her in a position where she can reach out to help others is what giving is all about!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative

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