Morgan and Monica’s Diary – May 26, 2017

THE CHICKEN HOUSE IS BUILT!!! We moved in 15 baby chickens, five hens and two roosters into the chicken house and it feels so great to see them all together in their new home! We finished the sliding door, the bamboo walls, the roof and started the fencing for the outside area! We laid down rice shavings/shells, from a general rice mill up the hill so it would be soft and cozy for the chickens. We put the chicken feed into a big storage bucket and moved all the necessary items for the chickens into the new storage area. It was so cute to see all of the children just as excited as us, and to meet their new little feathered friends. We almost cried tears of joy after so much long and hard work. It truly feels like a big accomplishment.

This morning Monica worked on the health report for all the Home of Hope children while Morgan had a meeting with the headmaster and Shyam at the school.

When we first arrived, the days flew by quite quick. During the middle days, it felt like we had so much time left and the days went by a little slower. Now with only two days left here at Home of Hope, they feel like they are flying by too fast. We hold onto the children a little longer with each hug and say how much we love them that much more. We handed out Lööf Foundation pajamas to all of the children and they look awfully cute in them! They all loved their new pajamas and were happy to have a second pair to change.

Tomorrow morning Monica is getting up very early with Samjhana, Hari, Bishek, Sunita and Shyam to do a small hike to a view point/temple ruins while Morgan does a home visit in the village below us. Aren will guide and show me the way as it is close to his original village. Tomorrow we will hold the inauguration for the chicken house and also have the pipes for the solar panel connected to the water tank and the house. Fingers crossed we have running hot water in Home of Hope!

Morgan and Monica









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