Morgan’s Diary – May 19, 2017,

This morning some of the children helped Shyam and I to plane and level the area where we will build the chicken house. It went much quicker than I had thought! Monica and Shree took a visit to the village health clinic and met the two nurses. They asked for more medicine as they were running out. The plan was to start building the chicken house, however the workers did not show up as they were supposed to. We also couldn’t do any work on the solar panel and water tank, because the iron worker could not come today. We were a little disappointed at first because this really put a halt on our buildings plans. We made the best of the day by going to visit the secondary education school Radhika will attend. It is just 30 minutes outside of Khadichour. Radhika seemed a little excited and a little nervous for the day. We traveled to Khadichour by truck which took two hours. We had a short break in the town before we headed by local bus to the school.

As we approached the school, it looked very big and nice! We toured around and met the account manager and headmaster. We all sat down together and had a meeting to discuss how school would be for Radhika. Then we looked at their library. Radhika and I found books about physics and biology and I could see her eyes light up as we flipped through the books. We even looked at a potential room she would rent and discussed her living options. Next, we went and saw a few science labs and classrooms. It really looked like a great school for her! Before heading back to Home of Hope Monica purchased medicine for the health clinic using her donated money raised for the village. Providing a better health for the villagers if very close to Monica’s heart as that is her profession. Our travels back to Home of Hope were a little more complicated as we ended up taking three different jeeps and walking the last hour to Home of Hope, which we didn’t mind because it was still light out and we needed the fresh air and movement.

All of the children were very happy to see us and greeted us with big hugs when we arrived home. We all ate dinner together and then Monica passed out new underwear, clothes, tooth brushes and other small gifts. I was very happy to hand out brand new pajamas to all the children as this was their first official pair! Typically, in Nepal, they wear the same clothing to sleep in as they wore during the day. We had to give them a little explanation about when to wear pajamas. They were all so excited to get their own pair and everyone changed very quickly! It was soon bedtime for all the children so Monica and I did our usual rounds of saying goodnight. Tonight, the children hugged us a little bit harder and said thank you during each hug. It was nice to see that they all really appreciated the new items they got today.

Tomorrow is Asha’s birthday so we are planning on throwing her a little birthday party in the evening! We are really hoping that we can hire different workers to help with the chicken house, and that we ourselves can even start the construction process tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative





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