Morgan and Monica’s Diary – May 18, 2017,

We started the day off by visiting the new school in Ratankot. It was the first time Monica was seeing the school since last September, when there was only a foundation. Now the school has seven teachers compared to only have five. Three classrooms are finished now, and one grade is still in a tent as they are waiting for the rest of the classrooms to be finished. It looked really great inside the classrooms! Monica felt it very happy to see some familiar faces and the school children again. The grade one had three new children who were crying the whole time because they missed their mothers and it was their first day at school. We tried to comfort them with toys, distractions and hugs, but it didn’t seem to work. It seems that the first day of school is the same all over the world. We met with the headmaster to plan when we will give our workshops at the school and provide a lunch.

We headed back to Home of Hope where the solar panel was now installed. It appears that we will have to arrange a new location for the water tank before we get the solar panel up and running. This will create a bit more work than we originally thought. In the afternoon, we unpacked all of the items Monica had bought with her donated money. We started with “spring cleaning” in the kitchen and storage room to make it nice and clean for all the new items. This took a few hours with the help of Shree, Radhika and Preeti. After lunch Asha, Shyam, Monica and I had a long conversation with Shree and Radhika about their future since they have now finished grade 10 (end of high school in Nepal). Monica, Puja, Shree and Bishek visited the health clinic to say hello. Then Morgan came with to visit a woman from our women’s meeting last September who had her six-month baby to show us. She was so adorable!

We joined Shyam in the garden to plan for where we will build the chicken house. We have now measured the area for the chicken house and will start construction firs thing tomorrow morning. Monica who hasn’t seen the children for eight months has really noticed some positive changes. For instance, she has noticed that Bishek is much more open, takes part in activities and seeks out attention whereas last time you had to encourage him to come to you, now he comes to you on his own. He looks much happier and held Monica’s hand on the walk up to the mill. All of the children feel healthier and have noticeably grown taller. Monica feels that Asha and Shyam have done a great job and made Home of Hope feel like a home. They have been doing a great job at upkeeping the garden that is now green, vibrant and overflowing with vegetables and flowers. It makes us so proud to see that everything is running as it should!

We have now tucked all of the children into bed and are headed to bed quite early, so we are well rested for tomorrow!

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