Monica’s Diary – May 16, 2017

Today was a busy but successful day! Even though things don’t always go as planned, everything seemed to work out. It took a longer time than planned, but we solved all issues as they came. We started the morning at a building warehouse where I bought the roof, iron bars, chicken wire, door hinges, and screws for the chicken house that we will build beside Home of Hope in Ratankot. While we shopped we saw a lot of chickens that inspired us!

We headed across the street to buy the solar panel that we will install to give warm water for the showers and kitchen sink. It was originally planned to have the solar panels for electricity, however, we decided it was better to try this first and maybe someday we can also use the solar panels for electricity. I am looking forward to having my first hot shower in a few days for the first time in Nepal. Next we went to the shopping market, where I bought a lot more kitchen items, supplies for the chicken house and hoola hoops for the children and lots more for Home of Hope! I was very happy to buy a small oven that sits on the kitchen counter as a gift for Asha that was from me and my closest family members. I can’t wait to give that to her tomorrow!

While I was shopping, I saw that there were no tents in the tent camp anymore. When I was here last September there were still more than 500 families living in the tent camp. At first I was so happy and excited to see that, but then after speaking with a tourist, she informed me that the land owner had kicked everyone out and burnt all the remaining tents. Morgan and I were very shocked and sad to hear this as we thought that the people had homes and a better life.

We went to see a tailor where I bought new bed sheets for the Home of Hope children! Tomorrow we will pick them up before we leave for Ratankot. Morgan and I are back at the guest house packing for the long drive to Ratankot tomorrow. I have a lot of feelings, I’m so much looking forward to seeing the children, Asha, and the village Ratankot. I almost get tears in my eyes when I think about them all. The only thing that worries me about this whole trip is the car ride to Ratankot. I’m worried about the road conditions and the traffic can be dangerous sometimes. I’m old enough to be realistic that this is the most dangerous part of the trip. But like the optimistic woman I am, I know we will arrive to Ratankot safe and sound! So you will hear from me then! Namaste!

Monica Hellström
Lööf Foundation volunteer







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