Morgan’s Diary – May 15, 2017,

I fell asleep to the sound of monks chanting last night and slept so well, other than being woken up by a thunder and lightening storm. It looked as if the lightening was in the room! Monica and I got ready this morning and headed out towards the stupa. It was Monica’s first time seeing the stupa complete, as it had been damaged from the earthquakes in May 2015 and was still under construction when she was last here in September 2016. We walked around and bought a few small items such as water and recharge cards which seemed to take a lot longer than expected as we had to seek cover every 30 minutes from the rain.

Later in the afternoon Shyam arrived in Kathmandu from Ratankot. It was so nice to see him again! He told Monica and I that Bishek had been sick today, but has taken medicine and was resting. Asha has said she will update us about him, so hopefully he feels better soon! We all got stuck in a cafe today as it down poured for what felt like forever. Once the rained cleared we headed to a super market to buy items for Home of Hope.

Monica used her donated money to buy food, sanitary items, hygiene products, dried fruit and many other needed items for the children. A big thank you to everyone who has donated money to Monica! Without your generosity, her purchase today would not have been possible! We had so many boxes packed at the super market that they wouldn’t fit in a taxi back to the monastery. Shyam asked a random man with a pick up truck if he would drive us and he of course said yes! We loaded all the boxes in the back and then piled us four in the front of the truck. We were quite squished! It’s amazing how in this place where things don’t go as planned, they always work out somehow.

Our drive back to the monastery reinforced how generous and kind the Nepali people are. Not too often would this happen in Sweden. Now Monica and I are back at the monastery resting before tomorrow. We will buy the solar panels tomorrow morning, materials to build the chicken house and the last few items needed at Home of Hope. Tomorrow will be an early, busy and long day! We are looking forward to getting the rest of the bigger items tomorrow!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative





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