Today marks the one year anniversary of Home of Hope in Nepal. One year ago, 12 children moved into Home of Hope. Excited and nervous for the unknown. We helped to give them their first ever shower, gave them each a new change of clothes and food. We showed them all the toys and books we brought with us from Sweden. They were all so excited to receive their own bed, as they always had to share. We sung, we danced and we celebrated a new beginning for these 12 Home of Hope children.

To see their faces from the very first moment we met them, to seeing their faces now is breath taking. Their faces have changed from despair, tragedy and sadness to now joy, pure happiness and a restored sense of childhood. This is the whole reason behind Home of Hope. A hope for the future. A hope for a better life. Most importantly, the hope for creating a family they can call their own at Home of Hope. Their housemother Asha and housefather Shyam have been the most supportive, loving and caring parents to these 12 deserving children.

It warms our hearts here at Lööf Foundation to see the positive outcomes from just one year at Home of Hope. Many thanks to our Home of Hope sponsors, and everyone who has contributed and donated towards Home of Hope in Nepal. Together we have changed these 12 children’s lives. Thank you! Namaste.










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