Morgan’s Diary – February 12, 2017

This morning Kaylee, Shyam and I walked all the children to school as I wanted to get school reports for all children and talk with their teachers. It became apparent that some children could improve in their studies. I checked in what areas some of our children are struggling with and gave some suggestions to the teachers about how they could help the Home of Hope children more in school. As well as some ideas of how to manage all eight grades with only six teachers. They expressed that it is very hard sometimes to control and monitor all classes with lack of teachers. Eva Holmberg who runs an all-girls orphanage in Kathmandu is managing the building of the new school. The new school is being built down the hill from the tent school. The construction of the walls has progressed since I arrived and the school looks like it will be great! I cannot wait until it is finished so that all school children can go to a proper school instead of the tent school that was temporarily made after the earthquake in 2015.

During the meeting with the teachers Shyam told me that some of our Home of Hope board members were leaving for Kathmandu for a few days and suggested that we have the Home of Hope board meeting today. I agreed as there was no work being done on the green house until tomorrow. We left the school and headed to Home of Hope where I met with all board members. It was great to answer their questions from the last board meeting we had in September 2016, as well as discuss new topics. It felt great to talk with everyone and hear their ideas, concerns, questions and comments. They all expressed how much it meant to them that we continue to sit down and talk every time I am in Nepal and bring back answers to their questions. I feel very glad that we can have these open discussions and all work together as a team, as we all have the best interest of the children in mind.

Later in the afternoon I had a good chance to speak with Asha and Shyam about the running of Home of Hope. They expressed their concerns about some children not listening, or studying as hard as they can. We decided that we would sit all children down and have a conversation. It was a quiet afternoon once the children came home from school. Instead of them all wanting to go outside and play like they usually do, many wanted to study or read. In the evening, I gathered all children, Asha and Shyam to sit down and talk about respect, thankfulness, helping out with chores more and listening to Asha and Shyam. It went great and Sunita even came up with a suggestion that each week they should all sit down together and talk about the week, their studies, any problems they have and discuss how they can improve living at Home of Hope and making life easier and more organized.

I’m glad that we spoke with all children, as I feel it is important to remind them of core values since they are after all children and need to be reminded just like any other child growing up in the rest of the world. We all ate dinner after this and Bishek wanted to try Kaylee and I’s freeze dried food. We gave him a taste and he really liked it! It seemed like many of the children got a burst of energy after dinner as we were all running around and the kids were jumping on Kaylee and me. We eventually settled them down and got them all to bed. We are both still feeling quite tired from yesterday’s activities. I’m really looking forward to continuing the work on the greenhouse tomorrow!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative



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