Morgan and Kaylee’s Diary – February 11, 2017

Today we had a bit of a sleep in, as the children have holiday today (day off from school). Over breakfast we sat and started to plan our day. We had a plumber come this morning to check the guest room sink, as it can smell from the boy’s bathroom. It looks like they need to put in a “U” shape pipe to balance the air lock. The piece must be specially ordered in from Kathmandu. Then Kaylee and I took Sunita, Bishek and Sumjhana to the tap outside to do a lice shampoo treatment that Kaylee had bought with her donated money. These three were the only ones with lice eggs as Asha had done a lice treatment on the children last Saturday. This way, Kaylee and I will be able to do one more treatment before we leave.

Morgan checked in on the green house progress as Babu and Ayuss were working this morning. They had finished the entire frame of the green house in bamboo. Now all that is left is to dig trenches around the green house to secure the plastic, seal in the warmth and block out water. After this we spoke with Shyam to plan the rest of the day. He said that many of the children needed new school uniforms since many have or are growing out of theirs. It was an even better idea because it is Sunita’s official birthday and this way Asha and Shree could make a cake and surprise party for her. Everyone got ready and put on their Saturday best. We headed down the mountain and then up the other mountain. It took over an hour to get to the bus stop. We all got onto the bus and there were even available seats. Shyam started to hand out plastic bags to some of the children. We realized quickly that some of the children get car sick easily as they are not used to riding in vehicles very often. Poor Bishek collapsed on Kaylee and as she realized he was going to be sick she switched seats with Morgan as she has a hard time with vomit.

Bishek was lying flat out across Morgan’s and Purnas lap. Kaylee was feeding Morgan water in her hand to splash on Bishek’s face. The poor boy got sick twice. Laxmi and Samjhana were basically sharing a seat and Samjhana looked like she was holding on for dear life as we bumpily drove down the mountain. Kaylee even bumped her head on the ceiling several times from the bumps. Hari Krishna was loving the bus ride and was enthusiastically pointing and chatting with Kaylee. On the other side of Bishek was poor Purna who also quickly filled her plastic bag. There was no medium bus ride for the children, either they were puking or excited to be riding the bus. We were very glad when we finally reached Khadichour. Surprisingly Bishek rebounded and was ready for the day once he got off the bus. We walked around and got a few treats and small things that the children needed. Then we went to pick out the fabric for their uniforms. All the children got their measurements taken. Then we all headed for lunch and the kids got to eat their favorite meals. We all took a walk down to the river and got to witness a Hindu funeral which was very interesting to see. Shyam told us that they have their funerals only hours after they pass away.

Shyam got some rice for Home of Hope and then we all gathered in a jeep/truck and rode back to Home of Hope. No one got sick during this drive as they were all sitting in the back where there was fresh air. Luckily, we made it back before it got dark! When we got to Home of Hope Shree and Asha had decorated with balloons! We danced for a little before dinner. Then came the cake that Asha had made and singing Happy Birthday. We danced afterwards for a little but it didn’t take long before all the children were ready for bed. It was the most special moment tonight when Bishek danced with everyone. We had never seen him dance before and even Shyam said this was the first time Bishek has danced. It was amazing to see his dance moves and see him have fun with everyone!

We are both so exhausted after today, but it was a very fun and exciting day! It was great to get out with the kids and see them experience different things today. They were all in a new environment and handled it very well. We were glad that we joined with Shyam as many of the children were not used to so much traffic, we needed all the hands we could get to keep track of all the children. Now we are off to bed for a well needed sleep!

Morgan and Kaylee



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