Kaylee and Morgan’s Diary – February 16, 2017


Today was bittersweet as we walked the children to school for the last time. We stayed for a few minutes to watch their morning routines and then we came back to Home of Hope to start work on planting in the greenhouse. First, we had to go and collect some fertilizer from a field behind the house and then we started to prepare the ground for planting. Morgan, Shyam, Asha and I worked together to dig rows that we would plant the seeds in. Karma was also there helping us plant some seeds into smaller cups which will go into the nursery in the greenhouse. The whole planting process went quite easily and we were finished in no time. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to plant some of the seeds that I bought with some of the money given to me by my sponsors. It became real to me how much good, healthy food those seeds will bring to the children. So, thank you again to my sponsors!

After the planting was finished we let the rabbits and chicken out for a little play. It was so much fun watching them all run and play. The chicken would jump straight up in the air as the rabbits would run by. Asha and Shyam took Batchu down to the edge of the property to give him a bath. That proved to be quite a task as Batchu is not exactly as domesticated as the dogs in Sweden or Canada are. But we managed to get him clean and smelling good. Ever since the first day Morgan and I came to Home of Hope, Batchu has been having nosebleeds and sneezing a lot. I have checked him over many times without any luck. But this evening as we were chatting with the Dutch group that are back in Ratankot for the weekend, Shyam noticed something hanging out of Batchu’s nose. It turned out that it was a leech that was about as long as my index finger. It has been living in the poor dog’s nose since we got here! Ew!

The evening was spent hanging out with the children and trying to soak up the last few minutes I have with them. They have all become so dear to me over the past few weeks and I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to be leaving them all. I do, however, feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know each child as they are all so special. They have all left their own mark on me and I am going to miss them terribly. Tomorrow is not going to be an easy day and I do not look forward to saying goodbye and giving them their last hugs before it is time to head back to Kathmandu.


I got quite a few things done today, but the time also seemed to move slower than most days, which was nice as I don’t want to leave. This morning I oversaw the fixing of the roof over the porch. There have been water stains on some of the wood, so I made sure that the boards were replaced. We figured out where the leak was coming in and also fixed that. It felt good to have that finished before I go, so that there will be no more water damage in the future. It was nice to walk down to the school with the children one last time. Kaylee and I sang and danced almost the whole way with Sunita looking embarrassed behind us but still laughing at the same time. I think throughout this whole trip it’s been great to have Kaylee by my side as she has been fantastic with all of the children and created real relationship with each and every one of them.
We shortly returned back to Home of Hope and got to work on the last touches for the greenhouse. I found it so different to go and collect fertilizer from the side of a hill, sift it through your fingers and then carry a bag load over your shoulder. If I had to use fertilizer in Sweden I would just have to go to a store and buy. It’s a completely different way of life here. We managed to get five rows of seeds planted as the other half of the green house has potatoes, garlic and onion still growing from this season. It really feels like a sauna inside which is perfect for a greenhouse. I cannot explain how happy I am to have completed this project while here. It will provide so many different types of healthy food for the Home of Hope children. I absolutely cannot wait to return and see what has grown!

I finished all of the interviews with the children tonight before dinner. I also got a few spare minutes to just hang out with the children in the girl’s room. Preeti was resting her head on my knee and crying because she was upset we were leaving. Typically, Preeti does not show all of her emotions, nor is she open about crying. I’m glad that she felt safe and secure enough to show her emotions around me and let me comfort her. During dinner time Bishek looked up at me and said “you go to Kathmandu tomorrow, I cry”. My heart completely melted for him. Ever since I first met him in April of last year, he is always so serious, quiet and rarely ever expresses emotion. I really feel as if during this trip my relationship with all of the children has escalated. I only hope that with each trip our relationship continues to strengthen.
Kaylee, the children and I all had a dance party tonight. It is always a blast to see the children let loose and have a good time. No matter how many trips I make to Home of Hope, I don’t think the goodbyes or see you later’s will ever get easier. Tomorrow morning will be an emotional one. However, I will be back in no time! I am so pleased with everything Kalyee and I accomplished and am counting down the days until I see the Home of Hope children again!

Kaylee and Morgan







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