Morgans Diary – February 7, 2017

This morning Kaylee and I woke up thinking we would walk our Home of Hope kids to school, however, Shyam told us today would be the best day to go to Upper Ratankot as they were having a ceremony to choose a new chairman. We got our bags oacked with pencils, sharpeners, erasers and notebooks for all 35 children. The notebooks were bought using Kaylee’s donated money. A teacher from Lower Ratankot came with us to help carry all the books as we had 175 in total. This way each child gets 5 books.

I was very impressed with Kaylee for keeping up, as it was her first time trecking through the mountains. It only took us 45 minutes to get to the school and was mostly walking straight uphill. I feel like my body has gotten better at adjusting to the altitude change and walking here. However, I still have a cough so it was a bit tough on my lungs. As we got further up the mountain the view of the snow covered mountains became clearer. The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking. Both Kaylee and I couldn’t believe our eyes.

We had to wait quite a while as they were choosing a new chairman for the school. Once it was our turn, the kids got in 2 lines and we handed out the pencils, erasers, sharpeners, notebooks and candy to all of the children. Typically if I were to hand these things out to kids in Sweden, they would all smile with their mouths and say thank you. However, here in Nepal, I find the children smile with their eyes and say Namaste. It is such a beautiful sight. All the children, teachers and parents were so grateful for the things we handed out and I know that it will help out the families a lot.

We headed back down the mountain to Home of Hope; it went quicker this time. We had som lunch and then Shyam called saying that now was a good time to hand out Kaylee’s notebooks and the Lööf Foundation pencil cases to the tent school children. We had help from school children to carry all notebooks to the school 450 in total. Once we arrived, there were many people and children as they were also choosing a new chairman. Shyam was chosen to be the new chairman and we think that is very exciting for the Home of Hope children as he can influence and make changes for the better. We mixed the Tang drink and handed it out to everyone. Then all children got in 2 lines and we handed out 5 notebooks, candies, Lööf Foundation pencil cases with a pencil, eraser and a sharpener inside. They were all so thankful! My favourite part was when we had a dance party with about 30 school children. It was so much fun and the energy from these kids was unlike anything I have seen before. Dancing with the children may not be much, but I feel like if I can give these children just a few minutes of pure fun without any worries or having to do work, then that makes it all worth it.

I am so glad that Kaylee and I had the chance to help the rest of the village today. My heart is so full it feels like it is going to burst. With all the love from the school and watching our Home of Hope children be children just makes me so happy. Tonight Kaylee and I will go to sleep exhausted but in total satisfaction with todays events. Tomorrow we will start construction for the green house as all bamboo has arrived today. I will also be holding a board meeting for Home of Hope. Cannot wait to start on the green house!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative




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