Kaylee’s Diary – February 6, 2017

Today we slept a little later because we were both exhausted from last night’s dancing and festivities. Morgan has a bit of a cold but she is really hanging in there. The children were awake and lively when we came out. The morning started with some studying and a few rounds of volleyball. It was so fun to listen to the children read aloud. They are amazingly intelligent! They read to me in English and even spelled out every word in the sentences. I was in awe! Mark and his friends from Holland left today to go to Kathmandu so they were around this morning to see the kids and say goodbye. They said that they will be back before long though.

Morgan and I followed the kids to school. It was a very twisty and rocky walk which was a challenge for my legs as I am so used to the flat Swedish terrain. Hopefully they will adjust soon! Morgan and I stayed at the school and played with the children for a while before it was time for their morning routine. They all lined up by class and sang and did their morning exercises. So fun to see!

When we came back to the Home of Hope, we did a little inventory of all of the things we have purchased for the children. I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me. The money that I received not only paid for my travel and vaccinations, but it also allowed me to buy:
– Notebooks for all of the children in the village
– Lice shampoo for Home of Hope
– Nose spray for Home of Hope
– A lot of seeds for the new green house
– Strawberries (a HUGE treat for the kids)
– 2 sprinklers for the green house
– Handkerchiefs for the children
– A meal for all of the children in the village
– Packs of tang juice which we will give with the meal (also a HUGE treat!)
– A globe
– A new volleyball

So thank you all so much for your generosity. Without you all, this trip would never have been possible. I will send lots of pictures of the meal and all of the children!

Today as we were standing in the kitchen talking to Asha about the monkeys keep eating their vegetables out of the garden we looked out the window and saw that there were 7 big monkeys in the garden eating their garlic! We immediately called for the dog and he ran out and chased them all the way down the big steep hill behind the Home of Hope. As unfortunate as that was for the garden, we couldn’t help but laugh. Let’s hope that they don’t come back again.

When the children came home from school, we played a variety of games that left us all out of breath. The kids were very lively and fun to watch. Even some of the local kids came to play. Then we came inside and took their weight and height. Morgan and Shyam fixed the carpet in the bedrooms with some of the glue that Morgan brought from Sweden. After dinner we had a special surprise for the children. We cut up strawberries that I bought in Kathmandu with the donated money and sprinkled them with a bit of sugar. The children were so happy when they came out to the kitchen. I swear, the pile (1kg) disappeared in less than 2 minutes. They were all grinning the whole time.

The children went to bed almost directly after that. We were showered with hugs and kisses before they went to their rooms. I feel like I got to know the children on a deeper level today and a few of them have really opened up to me. I am so happy to have the opportunity to get to know all of these people as they are proving to be very, very special.

I am going to bed a very happy “Swenadian” tonight and am really looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Kaylee Flood
Lööf Foundation volunteer


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