Morgan and Kaylee’s Diary – February 5, 2017

Morgan: I woke up early and met with Pema Dorjee Lama. I had a really good talk with him and it was really nice to see him again! We spoke about Home of Hope and the children. It was nice for Kaylee to join in and hear all the guidance and wisdom that Pema has. Once we were finished, we packed up our things and met Shyam and a girl from Holland, Mickey. She was coming along with us for the drive to Ratankot and Shyam was stayinh behind in Kathmandu to buy the rest of the supplies for the green house. It was such a beautiful drive as always and it felt good that I could pass along some of my knowledge to Kaylee and Mickey along the way. I felt quite restless as I wanted to get to Home of Hope and see all the children again!

It was such a large difference in the drive as last time it was very muddy and we got stuck in the mud many times. This time it was very dry. They have really put alot of work into fixing one of the roads and making it wider, I was very impressed. The river that I had gotten stuck in last time was now under construction as they are building a bridge across. There were so many changes during this drive, and that made me feel good knowing that they were making progress.

Once we arrived at Home of Hope it was like nothing changed. It looked the same and I was very proud to show Kaylee snd Mickey. There were dried flowers and garlands around from the previous festival they had celebrated. As well they have now built a bunny house, so cute! I got to say hello to the children as they were coming home from school. I gave them the biggest hugs and they were all very excited to see me as I was them! There is s guy Marc from Holland with his two friends who are helping to build a guest house for the village. I went and looked at their roof made out of bamboo, and had a short meeting with Marc to discuss how to build properly and get more insight for the greenhouse.

Kaylee and I spent time with all the children talking and then they wanted to dance. We first danced in the girl’s room and then outside ad Marc and his friends were cooking a chicken for dinner. We all had a great time playing and dancing together. All of the children are taller and bigger. They all seem very comfortable here and as if they are one big family. I cannot express how great it is to see them all again, hug them and listen to them talk! I look forward to the rest of the time i have to spend with them!

Kaylee: What an exciting day! First I was fortunate enough to sit and listen while Morgan and Pema talked about Home of Hope. Just in the few minutes I listened to Pema, I gained wisdom and insight into the importance of keeping the childrens upbringing to the Nepalese way and not letting other cultures have too much influence. That is something that I found extremely interesting and I have been thinking about it all day. I can agree with Pema on his ideas because the children have such a great standard of living at the Home of Hope and one day they are going to have to make it on their own in Nepal. That, according to Pema, is why the children need tbe raised with the Nepalese values – because they need to know their culture.

We took the car ride up to the mountains. That was one of my favourite parts of the trip so far. The scenery and views were incredible!!! I have never seen anythinh like it before. It was, however, a little scary at times as I would look out the window and there would be nothing but a several kilometer drop. It was really one of those hold on moments. We made it to Ratankot in very good time and we didnt get stuck once so I was happy to say the least. But I do think that thr successful trip was all thanks to our awesome driver, Baboram.

During the car ride, the excitement was rising in all of us. I swear I could almost see Morgan vibrating in anticipation to see the children, and that was very contagious. By the time we got to the village, we were all so ready to see the children that the last few minutes were almost unbearable. When we got to the Home of Hope we were greeted with big hugs from everybody. I was extremely impressed with the home. The building is beautiful and the views from the front porch are breathtaking. I had thought the children would be a little shy in the beginning as I am a stranger to them, but I really didnt feel like that was true. They all came over and asked me my name, gave me hugs and were very delightful and chatty. These children are all so full of life and each have their own unique qualities. They are beautiful young people! We danced the night away and shared many laughs and hugs along the way. I am so excited to spend the next few weeks here and to get to know them along the way. Morgan and I plan on walking the children to school tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. But first – sleep!



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