When we woke up today it was raining and only 13 degrees. A bit of a difference from 38 degrees when we arrived here a couple of days ago. Work started for Johan, Stuart and Martin with early morning fence check. That is done daily in order to know that electricity is working 100% in all lion enclosures. Since it was raining a lot the roof work did not work out so well so they continued to do various repair work at the camp by the top of the mountain. Very positive was that yesterday’s mortar work with Carl’s bigger water pool had worked out very well. Lots of rain water was collected in the pool already and it was not disappearing. Work continued later on down by the volunteer lounge. They been having problems with dirt and leaves coming in between the ceiling and walls so the guys were nailing up pieces of wood to make it tight. They also added lots of construction foam to make it even tighter. The room got a complete new feeling when it was more built in so that was good.

Stella Vilda and I got the opportunity to follow Andi and buy some more frozen giraffe meat for the lions. We bought as much as we had cash for, it will most probably give the lions food for another week. Then we were part of feeding all the lions together with Andi. On today’s menu there was cow plus special lion multivitamin powder on top. Andi shared many stories on how the lions got to Love Lions Alive sanctuary, we all listened very carefully. The last one to feed was Carl on the top of the mountain and when we came up he was playing in the rain with the ball we bought for him. We were so happy to see him so playful!! When work was finished this afternoon it was time to say goodbye to Andi and her family since they are travelling early in the morning tomorrow. We are going up to say good-bye to the lions before our departure back to Durban tomorrow. We all feel very grateful that we could come once again to Andi’s great sanctuary for the lions and hope that our contribution, even if very short, has been helpful.

Sophie Lööf

Founder and Chairman of the Lööf Foundation



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