Today the Lööf Foundation team has been able help quite a lot at Love Lions Alive sanctuary! We have assisted in building a bigger water pool in Carl’s enclosure. He loves to play in the water but also good to have a bigger water source to collect rainwater. We have also helped to build a roof on one of the new tented camp area where volunteer’s will stay during their work at Andi’s sanctuary. Vilda and Andi rescued a little mouse when we were collecting rocks for the water pool. He had been trapped underneath a big rock and couldn’t get out. He was given water and a safe place to stay and recover so hopefully he will make it. It is not only lions that gets rescued at Love Lions Alive. In the afternoon the water pool was finished, it just needs to be dry before putting water in it. We got up 3 tin roof bits, so not finished yet. Work will continue tomorrow. We also watched and played with the cubs in the afternoon. The temperature dropped to around 15 degrees and a little rain so the lions got very playful! Tonight we have all been dining together at the local Mug & Bean, we learnt a lot about the culture difference between Sweden, Norway and South Africa. I think I speak for everyone when I say we had an amazing day!

Sophie Lööf

Lööf Foundation Chairman and Founder



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