Morgan’s Diary – November 27, 2016

We took the day fairly easy today as it is Sunday. I got up a bit later than normal and made a big breakfast for everyone! It was very nice weather today so Line, Tale, Martin, and I were able to clean the cooler truck (where they hang meat to thaw for the lions), clean the truck (used to transport the meat to feed the lions) and move three freezers down to the guest house to store meat for the lions. We also put in a new counter piece in the kitchen area for volunteers.

We hung mirrors and completely cleaned the volunteer lounge area. It looked so great after we were done with our big cleaning day! It was a perfect day to do these small tasks as there is not much time throughout the week.

I also helped to feed the lions today as i usually do. It is so great to see them all doing so well in their new enclosures since the big move last Thursday! Mandla and Isibindi do not seem scared or nervous as they come closer to the fence area when we give them food. However, Sasha, Moya and Natasha seem a bit shy to go down to get their food near the water pool in their enclosure, as they did not take the food we left for them last night. This evening we decided to give them food in the upper part of their enclosure where they already were, so now we know they will eat for sure.

Mela is doing great in her new enclosure, as now she has lions living in enclosures on either side of her. Hoping this will make her less lonely. It would be so great if I could hear all the lions chatting with each other before I leave, as they are all closer to each other now.

The babies, Mulan and Odin look bigger already, especially in the face. It seems as if they are growing so fast so quickly! It was so exciting on Friday when Line and I cut up donkey meat for Odin and Mulan. Mulan has been eating meat for a little while now, whereas Odin only likes mince meat or fillet. However we gave Odin donkey meat to try and he ate it, and liked it! It was so exciting today because I was able to give Odin and Mulan ribs. They look like big lions now when they eat meat! They were even sharing at one point! So cute!

It seems as if the babies are growing up as fast as Carl has grown. When I last saw photos of Carl before I came to South Africa, he looked so small and tiny. Now he is slightly larger than the size of a golden retriever dog and his paws are quite large! It is so amazing to see him still playing with the same football Sophie bought for him while she was here this past summer. However the football is a bit torn and ripped from Carl playing with it, which he still does today! I was so happy to get to see him play! He gets so much enjoyment out of it, and is a good little soccer player!

It is truly amazing to be here and witness lions in an environment where they can live out their lives with no danger and no fear of being mistreated or killed.

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative


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