Morgan’s Diary – November 23, 2016

Today was so great because it felt like we got so much done. We finished cleaning out the enclosures that the lions will be moving into tomorrow of old bones, lion poo and any garbage. That way it is nice and fresh for when the lions are moved. We had the help of a woman named Zoi Kakouris from an organization called TIA (This is Africa) that works like a volunteer agency, creates projects and raises money for other projects. She is here to find out what the volunteer experience is all about here.

The water project was completed today, so all water holes were run through with water, as the cement can give off acid after it’s been laid. We also filled the big water tank many times, as it can hold up to 5 000 litres, and the tank we use to get water on the back of the truck can hold 1 000 litres, so we made many trips to get water today. The piping to allow water into the enclosure’s water holes have been done in enclosures one, two and three. However it hasn’t been done in the Lööf Foundation Lion Lagoon enclosure because Mandla and Isibindi are in there.

Andi’s plan is to move Mandla and Isibindi into enclosure one, which is the enclosure furthest to the right. Then beside them will be Mela and beside Mela will be Sasha, Moya and Natasha that are being moved down from the top of the mountain. She said that Mandla and Isibindi have been doing great in the Lööf Foundation Lion Lagon and that her purpose of moving them there in the first place was worth it, so that she could keep a better eye on them as they used to be very shy and she could never see them. They are big lions, as they are genetically built bigger, so it will be interesting to see how we move them after they are darted. The Lööf Foundation Lion Lagoon will have to first be cleaned out so that it is ready for the next lion that comes to the sanctuary. She has a plan that it will be a lioness and her two cubs that Andi should get from Spain sometime in the future. She said the lion lagoon will be perfect for them bscause she can keep an eye on them.

While there are no lions in there, it will also give her time to create a water pool area at the bottom of the enclosure, as well as attach a pipe to the water tank, so that water can be turned on and off from outside the enclosure.

We almost finished painting all of the planks for the floor in Andi’s new home at the top of the mountain. We painted them with creosote which protects the wood from insects that can chew holes into the wood. Once all work was done today, Andi, Martin, Zoi and I went for a walk with Carl to a big rock at the top of the mountain. We sat and chatted and all watched the sun set together with Carl. It was so beautiful and calming. It seemed like Carl even enjoyed the sunset too. Andi spoke about her dreams of owning more land around the mountain so that she can have her lions in a bigger area. I hope that someday her lions can live in a wide open space with other animals that the lions can naturally hunt, so they can live out their lives as close to being in the wild as possible.

Today a cow was struck by lightening, so I will head out with Line, Martin and the workers early in the morning to get the cow, and then help cut it up for the lions. Then at 2:00 the vet will be here to dart the lions and we will move them into their new enclosures. It should be a very exciting day tomorrow, I cannot wait!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative


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