Morgan’s Diary – November 22, 2016

Line, Tale, Martin and I helped the workers this morning to unload the big water tanks and pipes that will be set up at the top of the enclosures, and one below them. Then three pipes will be attached to the water tank to distribute water to the enclosures. As well it will be good having them outside the enclosures so that you won’t have to go inside the enclosure to turn on or off the water. The water will be going to the watering holes inside the enclosures for the lions.

It was so windy this morning that when I was carrying some of the piping down the hill I thought that I was going to be blown down the hill along with the piping. The workers made really good progress today with setting up the water tank and making sure it was level. I spoke with Andi about my concerns for erosion and of the water tank tiping over, and she said she had the same thoughts so she will get a retaining wall to protect the tank in case of it falling over, so it wont roll into the wall of the lion’s enclosure and spill out litres of water. I love how Andi already has everything figured out, and is always thinking about the lions first and what is best for them.

Tale, Line and I headed to a next door neighbours where they had stored meat in the freezer as there wasn’t enough room here, so we loaded the truck and then hung it to thaw. Tale and I got the polaris (four wheel drive vehicle) and drove it down to enclosure one where Martin and Becky were working on a watering hole/small water fall. They needed water to mix for cement. I had to guide Tale part of the way as it was very rough terrain to drive on. I felt like I was back in Nepal.

Then Tale and I headed up the mountain to shovel sand and small rocks onto the back of the truck for the cement mixture. Once done we drove it down to enclosure one and then had to wheel barrow it to the watering hole. I helped Becky, a South African worker and it was great because he was so happy and smiling the whole time while we both worked hard to get this heavy wheel barrow up the hill.

We breaked for lunch and it was so interesting to listen to Andi tell her stories about her encounter with a poisonous spider and about the poisonous snakes here in South Africa. I learned some valuable information I will not forget, like always check my shoes before putting them on in case of poisionous spiders!

Tale and I headed up the mountain to feed the babies, Odin and Mulan. These two have definitely stolen my heart, they’re just too cute! Once we finished with that then we went to work on sanding and painting wooden planks for Andi’s house that she is building at the top of the mountain. I was glad to help work on this project, as Andi deserves a nice home near her lions.

After work I took a well needed shower and nap before Martin and I made dinner. After dinner, Tale, Martin and I went to feed the lions. Apparently this is the first time they have been fed at night. Andi thinks it’s good to change up their eating times so they don’t get in a routine and wait at the fence for food each day at the same time. It was really fun doing it in the dark. Martin and I shone lights onto the side of the ride as we rode in the back of the truck looking for jackals or any other wildlife, however we only saw hares. It felt like a nighttime safari, which was really fun! It was such a nice night out with warm South African and a completely clear sky. You could see so many stars, it was absolutely breath taking.

Now I am off to bed, to wake up early and start another day of work and yet another day with the lions!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative



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