Morgan’s Diary – November 19, 2016

I slept so well last night and I think it’s because I spend my whole day outside in nature. Line, Tale, Martin and I started our day by getting meat for the lions out of the freezer to thaw. Tale and I took them to the spot where they hang the meat to dry or thaw. It was a heavy and dirty job, but one that had to be done for the lions, as it takes a day or so for it to thaw. Then we headed up the mountain and said hi to the babies, Odin and Mulan. We gave them their bottle and then all four of use worked together to put up a tent over the kitchen.

Andi has a vision to make the part of the Sanctuary at the top of the mountain for future volunteers, with toilets, a kitchen, fireplace area and tent area to sit in. Yesterday we put up the tent over the tent area to sit in. Today we put the tent over the kitchen which was extremely heavy. We had four of us, each one on a corner and had to raise it over these wooden poles in the ground that the tent top will be screwed to. It took us a while to get it up, but we managed! It looked really great up there after it was up, I think it will be a really great spot for volunteers. Especially because you can see Natasha, Moya and Sasha’s enclosure from the kitchen.

After we had lunch, we went back up the mountain to finish the tent and check on the cubs. It had been so nice and beautiful today with the sun, but after lunch we could see grey clouds rolling in. It started to rain, then thunder and lightening. Then hail, everywhere, and it came down heavy. I learned from Line and Tale that lions dont mind thunder and lightening and enjoy the rain.

This could not have been more true after seeing Natasha, Moya and Sasha running around in their enclosure together chasing each other and playing. They looked so happy in the rain and as if they were having the time of their lives! Sasha, which is the white lion looked especially dirty on her white fur. She was so muddy after playing around with Natasha and Moya. It was so wonderful to observe this scene.

When we came down the mountain, there was water everywhere and it was so great to see everything so wet after its been so dry here. There was even water in the new watering hole which was great to see!

Andi came and got Martin and I, and we went up to the mountain to have a briee (South African bbq). We walked up the hill onto this large rock and watched the sunset. You could see in every direction and so far! The sun was bright red and it was the most stunning sunset i’ve ever watched!

We all sat around the fire and chatted and I learned from Andi that lions roar to chat and spread news to others. Also that the lions can tell how far away another lion is and what position they are in the pride just by their roar.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I’ll be going with Martin in the morning to do a daily check on the enclosures and make sure everything is good and see how he does that. Yet again another great day here at the lion sanctuary and I know tomorrow will be just a great!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative




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