Morgan’s Diary – November 16, 2016:

I am now at Arlanda about to head out on my flight to South Africa! Words cannot even begin to describe the amount of excitement, wonder, and eagerness I have to make it to the Love Lions Alive Sanctuary! Once I land in Johannesburg, Andi will pick me up from the airport. Unfortunately, baby Carl is sick at the moment and Andi is taking him to vet to get checked out. I hope that whatever is wrong with carl will resolve itself and I can help make him feel better!

I am so happy that I have the opportunity to go and volunteer at this sanctuary that I have been reading about and following so much. I look forward to seeing the Lööf Foundation Lion Lagoon and checking up on how the lions have settled in. I cannot wait to see South Africa for the first time too and all of its beautiful landscape that I’ve seen in pictures. It is a surreal moment realizing that after all the photos I’ve seen and the stories I’ve heard, that now I actually get the chance to go and experience it for myself!

You will hear from me once I have arrived and finally get to meet the lions!!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative


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