Morgan’s Diary – November 2, 2016,

Ever since I could remember lions and tigers have always been my favourite animal and still are to this day. However sadly in South Africa and many places around the world lions are being mistreated and misused. Many are hunted solely for their body parts or for “fun”. With so much greed and inhumane treatment surrounding our lion population today it is refreshing to know that there is a safe haven for lions in South Africa. On November 16 I have the great pleasure of traveling to Andi Rives lion sanctuary in South Africa where she runs the Love Lions Alive Sanctuary. The Love Lions Alive Sanctuary first started when Andi wanted to protect a reserve of lions from being used for sale for hunting or for their body parts.

Earlier this year in July Sophie Lööf and Johan Magnusson held the inauguration for the Lööf Foundation Lion Lagoon enclosure. During my stay I will be checking up on the Lion Lagoon enclosure and making sure that Mandla and Isibindi have settled in well. I will also be volunteering at the lion sanctuary helping Andi and her staff with any jobs around the sanctuary that need to be done.

I am so absolutely excited to be headed to South Africa for the first time, but even more excited to meet the lions and see Carl the cub! I cannot wait to meet Andi Rive in person as I have been following her work and watching her documentary! I think she is so incredible for all of the ongoing work she does to save lions. I feel so honoured to be able to contribute and help her in her goal of saving lions one at a time.

Morgan Young

Lööf Foundation representative






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