Morgan’s Diary – September 15, 2016,

Monica and I woke up early and said good morning to each child. Everyone ate and then monica and I helped do their hair and get ready for school. We walked with them to school, so that Monica could have a good look at the tent school. When we arrived at the school all the kids were playing in the backyard so I played tag with a few kids which was really fun but very hot!

Then at 10:00 all the children lined up by grade and did some exercises/stretching, then one child from each grade would check the other students to see if they had clean feet, hands and teeth, if not that child would have to go wash off. 

Monica and I returned to Home of Hope to help unpack all of the things we brought since the truck arrived this morning. As well, the fridge and washing machine arrived too! It took most of the afternoon to unpack and store everything as it was a lot of things.

Once the kids came home from school and had tea and snack, Monica took their height and I took their weight. Then Monica and I gave each child their own towel, hair brush and nasal inhaler. We gave a lesson about not sharing hair brushes or towels so they don’t spread lice. Then we gave every child lice shampoo and helped them rinse it out. Many of the children have a cold so we gave them vicks vapo rub on their chests before bed, hot water and cough syrup.

Many of the children finished their homework early so we put on nepalese music and they all started to dance! It was so nice to see them be carefree and happy together! They are the sweetest most loving children. So happy to see the positive results Home of Hope is having on the children!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative

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