Morgan’s Diary – September 10, 2016

I am currently at Arlanda airport with Monica Hellström who is a specialized nurse and midwife. We are waiting for our flight to Nepal! There were many preparations and packing to do before leaving that I didn’t have the time to feel excited. Now sitting at the airport I am feeling so excited to return to Home of Hope, to see all 12 children and Housemother and Housefather Asha and Shyam! I have brought two suitcases full of shoes, warmer clothing for the children and toys. I don’t feel as nervous as my first time in Nepal last April. However I am sure that I will try and soak up as much as possible, as it is different in Nepal compared to Sweden. 

After chatting with Monica she told me she feels so good to finally be on our way, happy to have met up again and glad that everything has gone smoothly so far! She hopes to enjoy every moment while she is in Nepal and looks forward to meeting all of the Home of Hope children. As well to do medical check ups and hold a midwifery course!

That is all from us today! Soon we will be on our way and one step closer to the children!

Morgan Young

Lööf Foundation representative


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