Morgan and Monica’s Diary – September 20, 2016,

This morning Monica and I got up very early as we were leaving for the market in Khadichour. We left in a big truck with Shyam and picked up many villagers who needed a ride as well as some girls headed to school. At one point I counted 19 people total on the back of the truck. We made it to the river that was very full of water and had a fast current. We weren’t sure how we would cross so the men got out and tried to move some rocks so the truck had a path.

However, we only made it half way across the river until the truck got stuck in the rocks.

river1          river

It was decided I would have to walk to Khadichour and Monica would make the best use of the day and return to Home of Hope to find someone to walk with her to upper Ratankot. There she would do a health check on the children. I continued with Shyam and the driver by foot up the mountain, we walked for roughly two hours. We made it to a bus stop, where we got on a bus that was jammed packed with people. I had to stand and hold on or else I would fall as the bus goes very fast and then stops suddenly to pick up people, or to let cars pass as the road is one lane.

Once in Khadichour Shyam and I went to the bank and picked up a few items we needed such as vegetables, a clock for Home of Hope and material to make a school uniform shirt for Bishek as he lost his.

shopping          khadichour

Then when we were ready to come home there were no more buses, and then the Jeep that was supposed to pick us up never showed. Luckily Shyam had a friend with a jeep that drove us a quarter of the way. We had to walk the rest of the way which took about 2 hours, so it was a very long day. I have never been more glad to make it home.

All of the children were doing homework together which was a very cozy environment to sit in. They are all so focused on school and determined to do well. Each one helps the other, you can really tell that they want each other to succeed and do well.

After Morgan and I decided we would split up at the river to get more things done I hiked for an hour back to Ratankot with an older man and woman. I was hoping to find someone who could help me show the way to the smaller village in upper Ratankot. It was another hours hike up the mountain. I was so lucky, I met Brecht and his girlfriend Manisha from yesterday evening. He knew he way and also wanted to meet some friends up there, so he walked with me.

There were 24 children there today. We had a nice conversation about the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth, changing clothes for the night or when they become wet. This way they will stay healthy and prevent colds and cough in the future. The word had spread through the viklage and school that I was a nurse so many village people suddenly showed up and wanted me to check up on their smaller children.

14522351_10207074275766587_1419727482_o          14522126_10207074275606583_117764418_o


I handed out pens and soap to each child and some bandages and medicine for the teacher to keep in case the children needed it in the future. They were all so happy and nice! I think it was a good decision to go because the people in this little village live very far from other people, the main road that it’s hard for them if there is an emergency. They live in very hard conditions but all looked healthy except for cold, cough and runny nose. This is due to the climate here which is not too kind to the humans here who live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Morgan and Monica
Lööf Foundation volunteers

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