Monica’s Diary – September 16, 2016,

Morgan and I are sitting out on the porch with the rain pouring down and watching thunder and lightning. We just said goodnight to all the children, it took some time because they all want to hug and hold onto you. Earlier this evening we all had a great time singing and dancing together, a typical Friday night at Home of Hope.

Morgan and I really enjoyed joining the kids in singing and dancing. For three hours this afternoon, Shyam, Morgan and I visited the temporary tent school in Ratankot. We were so welcomed by the headmaster, teachers and students. We visited all classes, introducing ourselves and gave them some advice about how to not get sick and spread germs. 

Then after visiting the classes I saw the most sick/hurt children at the school, there were roughly 35 students I saw. Most of them had problems with fever, headache, stomach, fungus on feet and infected wounds. The whole school has cough and cold, as it is that time of sick season everywhere. We handed out some creams, soap, paracetamol and how to use it, so I will have to do a check up later this week on some children to see how they are doing. Most of the children in the village seem small but not malnourished. The majority of them act alert and normal child behaviour. I am happy to see this.

The children of Home of Hope are very strong and healthy. However I did start to do a follow up health check on the Home of Hope children just to be sure. During the days Morgan and I have been guests here, we have added in new routines such as brushing teeth two times a day, changing out of day clothes into night clothes, making sure each child has their own hair brush and towel.

During the rest of the time Morgan and I are here we will try to give the children as much love and attention as possible. They are such good kids and so nice you just never want to let go of them. We wish the best future for each and every one of them and hope that we have helped them somehow along the way.

Monica Hellström
Lööf Foundation volunteer

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