Lööf Foundation is pleased to announce that Monica Hellström will be helping with Morgan Young at Home of Hope in Nepal during September. Monica is a specialized nurse and midwife with lots of experience. She will do a follow up health check on the Home of Hope children, teach the Home of Hope children about adolescent development and do a medical checkup on the school children of Ratankot. As well she will be holding a midwifery lesson for the women of Ratankot and passing on her knowledge to the nurse who runs the health clinic in Ratankot.

After meeting and talking with her, we believe she will be a wonderful addition for our next trip to Nepal. Not only will she be able to help the children of Home of Hope, but also the village people of Ratankot! We are so happy that she is joining us and we cannot wait to see the positive impact she will make on Home of Hope and the village. Welcome to the Lööf Foundation team Monica!


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