Sophie’s Diary – July 17, 2016:

I got up at 8:00am this morning. It was foggy today and the mountain was in the clouds. It was chilly to eat breakfast outside this morning, as there was no sun. I was just going to go pack when I saw Andi and she told me Anton was on his way, the same filmmaker from Animal Planet that was here filming Andi during my previous trip in February. He made it just in time to catch up with us as we are leaving later today! We redid the inauguration of the Lööf Foundation Lion Lagoon enclosure so that he could document it. As well, we gave him all of our great films and photos that we had taken. We will now be a part of the new Lion Queen episode that airs on Animal Planet this November! I cannot wait!

It was very sad and heartbreaking to say goodbye to Andi, her family, staff and volunteers today, especially since we have felt like we’ve become part of the big family here on the farm. Johan and I have had a fantastic time here with the lions! After dropping Andi’s son off at school in Pietermaritzburg we are now off to friends in Durban where we will stay. I am looking forward to tomorrow, where we will follow our friend who works for charity and helps children.

/ Sophie Lööf

Chairman and Founder of Lööf Foundation



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