Morgan’s Diary – July 14, 2016

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to a communal living area in Gullspång for people that are new to Sweden. I took three large bags filled with kids clothing, baby clothes and a baby jumper that hangs in the door to donate. A very nice woman Wafaa who lives there greeted me. She helped to show me where to put the bags. While I was carrying in the last bag, which was quite heavy, a man name Mohammed who lives there kindly carried the bag in for me.

I got the chance to speak with Wafaa for a little. She told me that she has been in Sweden for eight months, since she had to leave her country. I asked her what her dream in life is and she told me she wants to study in Sweden to become a director. I talked with Mohammed when he returned from the bags and he told me he has been in Sweden for nine months now. He fled Syria, as it was not safe for him and his family. When they left Syria his daughter was only one month old, so he built her a fiberglass box to travel in. He was scared something bad would happen to her during the boat ride, which they took in a six-meter inflatable dingy. His daughter Sham is now 10 months old. I had the privilege of meeting his wife and daughter. Sham was so cute! I pointed out the baby jumper for them to have and they were very grateful and excited as they live in a one room flat and hope for a larger living area to raise their daughter in.

I asked them how they coped with having to flee their country and the long journey that it took to get here. Their response was that they try not to think about the past and live their lives one day at a time. I feel very grateful to have been able to meet these wonderful people, hear their stories and give them items for their children!

/Morgan Young

Lööf Foundation volunteer



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