I had the pleasure of visiting Amnegården on July 8, which is centrally located in Gullspång, Sweden. It is a facility that provides special accommodation for the elderly who can no longer live on their own in their home and require short-term care, or continued care. Amnegården has a total of 24 apartments and one wing that provides 10 short-term accommodations. As well, sheltered housing with 30 apartments. Amnegården was first built in 1982 and recently renovated inside and out in 2010.

I brought Sophie Lööf’s dog, Glitter with me to meet some of the residents. When I arrived, many people’s faces lit up as soon as they saw Glitter in the hallway, so we stopped a couple times for people to pet Glitter. We continued to a room where a group of seven people were waiting patiently to see him. As soon as Glitter entered the room they couldn’t stop commenting on how sweet and cute he was. They especially loved his beautiful collar. Glitter walked around the room, visiting each person. He had the best time since everyone wanted to pet him and he loves people. Glitter knows a few tricks, so I helped one resident to get Glitter to sit, lay and roll for a small biscuit. All of the residents loved seeing Glitter do his tricks and Glitter was happy to do them for a treat! We all sat and drank coffee together as Glitter circulated around the room. Some of the residents even shared with me old stories about when they had their own dogs.

Both Glitter and I had a great time visiting Amnegården and I am very happy with the positive feedback from the residents. You could tell they really appreciated having a fury friend come and brighten up their day! I would like to extend a big thank you, to the staff of Amnegården for welcoming Glitter and I into your facility!

/Morgan Young

Lööf Foundation volunteer

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