Lööf Foundation is pleased to announce that Home of Hope is complete! All 12 children are moved in now! We celebrated on Saturday, April 30, 2016 with the whole village of Ratankot, Founder and Chairman Sophie Lööf, representative Johan Magnusson, our monk Pema Dorjee Lama, house mother Asha, house father Shyam, Prem Lama, Karma Lama, Lööf Foundation volunteer Morgan, Star for Life coach Thandiwe Mazibuko from South Africa, construction workers, Christina and Swedish group, and of course the Home of Hope children. Many speeches were made, along with the cutting of the ribbon, and blessings of the house made by our monk. We could not be more happy or grateful that Home of Hope is standing tall and proud in the village Ratankot! We have been waiting for this day since the earthquakes struck one year ago. We hope that this home will give the children a brighter future! Thank you to everyone who has contributed and donated to us! Also many thanks to those who have supported and followed us throughout this project, this dream wouldn’t have been possible without your ongoing support!

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