On April 11, I traveled to visit Partex UK. During my time there, I found this fantastic bookshop in Coleshill England called Mary Ann Evans Hospice bookshop. At this bookshop, people donate their used books, and the store sells them.


All profits go to the Mary Ann Evans Hospice that provides great care and support for those who are sick or terminally ill. They also provide at home care for patients who choose to be cared for in the comfort of their own home. The Mary Ann Evans Hospice has a Bereavement Centre for adults and children, provides day services for the elderly and has a Lymphedema Centre. To be able to run all of these programs, they raise money through fundraising events, and other shops that operate the same way as the bookshop, with donations.

I bought many books for our orphanage Home of Hope in Nepal. It felt great knowing that we could both help each other, in the sense that I helped support their work by purchasing books, and their books will help educate children in Nepal!


So happy we could help one another, and feel grateful for their work in the UK! If you are interested in helping out the Mary Ann Evans Hospice or want to know more information, please visit their website http://www.maryannevans.org.uk/

/Sophie Lööf

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