Folweni High School, South Africa


During March 2016, Chairman and Founder of Lööf Foundation Sophie Lööf, together with her father, Mr TorBjörn Lööf, board member of Lööf Foundation and Mr Mikael Persson, CEO Partex Marking Systems, board member of the Lööf Foundation visited Folweni High School. Along with Mr Simon Hooper Partex UK and Ms Ronja Lundquist from Partex Sweden, were chosen as Partex ambassadors for this project. Participants were also Mr Martin Erasmus, branch manager of Partex Haley South Africa and Mr and Mrs Barry and Pat Haley, business owner of Partex Haley South Africa were present to visit Folweni High School. During their visit there, they celebrated the support from our foundation by having a launch party at Folweni High School. The party consisted of many great performances by the students, and also by the teachers. Speeches were held throughout the day by Star for Life coaches, to educate everyone on Star for Life’s program. The principal of Folweni High School gave a speech, to share the progress of the school, and thank the foundation for our support, as we have been supporting them for one year now. As well, Sophie Lööf gave a speech to all of the students and staff. Lots of singing, dancing, and performances were done by everyone! To end the celebration off, the raising of the South African and Star for Life flag were raised, while singing the South African national anthem together.

Click on the link below to see the full video of the launch party at Folweni High School, South Africa!

Home of Hope, Nepal


In January and February 2016, Lööf Foundation representative Johan Magnusson traveled to Nepal for his 6th journey. While there, he helped oversee the reconstruction process of Home of Hope, and helped with the construction process. As of March 2016, the outside construction of Home of Hope is complete, and the inauguration for the family home will take place on April 30, 2016!

Click on the link below to see the updated construction process video of Home of Hope!

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