March 9, 2016:

Today I gave a talk at Klarälvdalens Folkhögskola in Sunne, Sweden today. I spoke about what the Lööf Foundation is and the philanthropic work we do locally and globally. There were lots of great questions posed by the audience who were very engaged and interested. Many were impressed and inspired by the work that we have done. The school encourages their students to partake in volunteer programs, so there was a great interest in creating a future volunteer partnership with the Lööf Foundation that would tie into their education. Today was a very meaningful day for the Lööf Foundation and I, with many new connections made. I feel that there is great potential to have a good relationship and cooperation from the school in the future.


Later in the day, I had a meeting with Gullspång’s Soccer Club. The Soccer Club donated soccer shoes and shirts for us to bring with to Nepal, to give to the youngsters of Ratankot. Future cooperation with the Lööf Foundation was also discussed.

It was great to see so much interest from both groups, as it means that our work is being followed and appreciated by many different people. It means a lot that these people believe in our work, and want to contribute. Thanks for a meaningful day!


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