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Management Report Lööf Foundation 2015

Lööf Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit foundation that aims to contribute to other people’s development and well-being, both locally and globally. It seeks to promote the care and education of children and youth as well as environmental and social aid activities.

During the year 2015 the Foundation has engaged in the following projects:

Folweni High School, South Africa

Lööf Foundation cooperates with Star for Life® against the spread of HIV.

The Foundation will, for a three-year period support Folweni High School in Durban, South Africa. Our goal in this project is to reduce the spread of HIV, while enhancing their self-esteem and belief in the future, and make the students believe that their dreams can come true.

At Folweni High School there are 1,510 students, under the supervision of 50 teachers. Approximately 60% of the students are orphans; most often the parents have died from AIDS. Unemployment is 85%, so even those who are living with their parents have a difficult time. Approximately 30-40% of students carry HIV.

Star for Life® has seen many improvements in their schools so far. In areas and schools where they had been present, the number of pregnancies decreased, students became better in school and the spread of HIV was reduced.

Lööf Foundation’s future results at Folweni High School will be analyzed by comparing the school with other schools in the same area. We hope to reach as many students as possible during these three years and we are excited to see what the future holds!


Food pantry, Chicago, USA

Lööf Foundation supported Elmhurst Yorkfield Food Pantry in a suburb of Chicago.

In connection with the inauguration of Partex USA’s new offices, volunteers along with Sophie Lööf and Partex office manager Barbara Susmilch visited Elmhurst Yorkfield Food Pantry.

Elmhurst Yorkfield Food Pantry has been around for 31 years and helps 400 families a month have food each day. It is open Monday, Tuesday and Saturday and welcome people who do not have enough money for food. In the United States it is called “underemployment” which means you cannot live on your income. The Food Pantry serves as a regular business, with the difference that customers do not have to pay for the food. When we volunteered, we helped customers to “shop”, dependent on the size of the family they have.


Projeto Joaozinho, Brazil

Lööf Foundation visited Projeto Joaozinho in Brazil – a haven for children and adolescents.

In connection with the inauguration of Partex Brazil, Lööf Foundation took Partex employees to support a local project in the suburbs of Fortaleza.

Mrs. Tânia started with seven children in her house, and founded the orphanage in 1991. She lives in a very poor area and knew that she wanted to help. The project is funded through donations. All employees are volunteers and do not get paid for their work. The government does not contribute to the project.

They take care of 185 very poor children aged 1.5 to 14 years. There are roughly nine workers in total including Mrs. Tania and her husband, their two daughters, and the rest are volunteers. She pays EUR 240 for rent and needs to collect about 900 Euro every month to run their business.

The orphanage takes care of 45 children between the hours of 7am and 4pm every day. The children are between 2 and 5 years old. All children receive a shower in the morning and then eat breakfast together. Later they get lunch and a snack. The older children get a snack and do their homework here after school.

Lööf Foundation has contributed toys, food (eggs, chicken, ham, cakes, chocolate milk), detergent, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.


Furagin school/family home, Moscow

Lööf Foundation supports Furagin school/family home for children with special needs.

Furagin school/family home is located approximately 1.5 hours from Moscow. There are 120 children that live there. They are aged 7 to 19 years old. Many are orphans and many of the parents have problems with alcohol, drugs or crime.

The Foundation bought:

– 45 Packs toothbrushes (they ran out)

– 18 Tubes of toothpaste

– 5.8 Liters pump soap

– 1200 Q-tips

– 1200 Rolls of toilet paper

– 360 Wipes

– 100 Cotton pads

– Lots of handkerchiefs

– Napkins, both everyday and festive

– 5 Packs fresheners

– Cleaning Articles for the bathroom and kitchen

– 100 Patches

– 2 Nasal sprays

– Thermometer

– Cotton

– Wound cleaner

– Moisturizer

From Sweden we took with us:

– 25 Teddy bears to the smaller children

– 120 Pencil case with pencils, eraser and sharpener

– 10 Bottles of soap bubbles

– 5 Twist ties

– 5 Jump ropes

– 5 Paint Sets

– Set of beads for crafts

– 20 Swedish flags

– 48 Notebooks

When we arrived at Furagin, we sat in the managers office , she spoke no English (and I spoke no Russian) but our Russian office was on site and translated. She told me that many of the children had severe health problems and many congenital troubles.

There are 50 teachers that work at the school and all have special training to support these children in the best way. At night, there are six nurses on hand. It is funded by the state and is clean and tidy but it probably has remained unchanged in the 40 years that it has existed. They live two to four children together in the same room. The bathrooms had no toilet paper so we supplied them with lots. The children receive four meals each day and eat together in a large dining room with long tables and desks. The volunteers play with the children, and many local businesses are supportive.

This was the first time the children had met someone from another country, they seemed to think it was very exciting! We talked with the aid of an interpreter, and it worked very well. They were very happy for all the things they got and I hugged so many children! On the way back to the airport we stopped at a computer store and bought two new computers for Furagin, they had two very old computers so that felt good to be able to improve their standard. Staff from our Partex Russia branch will go back next week to help get them set up and started.


Home of Hope family, Ratankot, Nepal

Lööf Foundation works towards the reconstruction of the family home called Home of Hope.

At the end of March 2015, the family home the exterior was almost completed and we took the decision that the inauguration would take place on June 6 on Sweden’s national day. But the terrible news reached us on April 25 that a severe earthquake had struck Nepal and destroyed most of Home of Hope. Thankfully all the children survived in the village during the earthquake. Now, we could not keep our deadline and therefore immediately started a collection on Facebook to finance the Foundation Reconstruction of the family home. In just one day the Foundation gathered about EUR 1800 and a month later, there was over EUR 9600 in the account!


Emergency assistance to Ratankot

It was decided that Johan would make an emergency trip to Nepal to support and assist the people in the village. Many houses were destroyed or damaged by the rampage of the earthquake, so to give people shelter was top priority. The Foundation contributed fleece blankets, teddy bears and tarps of high quality so that they could build tents to families with small children. Sleeping mats and hygienic items were distributed to 1,200 people in the village. Foods such as rice, sugar, salt and oil were also given out, to avoid famine after the disaster. The medicine cabinet was also filled with the medicine, wound dressings and antibacterial ointment. During this trip EUR 8229 were spent, which was able to cover the bare essentials to people in the village.

In September 2015, Johan made his fifth trip to Nepal, partly to evaluate the situation in the village and do a damage assessment and also support the needy people in the village and in the nearby areas. During this trip EUR 5343 were spent to cover the cost of food (bananas and sugar) and toiletry items. Many teddy bears, notebooks, pens and outdoor sporting goods were distributed to the teachers in the school, the children and infants. The replenishment of medical supplies was also top priority.

11265289_10152844938504103_3239606297459418905_n         LF 19 May Gives food to orphan, group picture

The reconstruction

The reconstruction of Home of Hope was more costly than expected. To cover these costs, the Foundation organized a gala at the Jubilee Theatre in Mariestad October 2, 2015. The event had nearly 300 guests. Local and nationally known artists donated art to sell, and school children in neighbouring communities had made bracelets that were sold during the evening.

Many performers brightened the evening with performances and several speeches and lectures about Home of Hope were given to provide general knowledge and understanding behind the purpose of the event. At the end of the evening it was found that as much as EUR 16 600 had been collected! Together with previously collected funds the cost of reconstruction was covered more than adequately. The hope was to be able to finance both a chicken coop, which would give the children a good source of protein and also a plant fruit trees at the family home.

gala_IMG_4293     MT151002 Nepalgala13

During 2016 we look forward to the inauguration of Home of Hope that will take place in late April. As well as to follow up on our school project with Folweni high school in South Africa. We feel very inspired to continue our work in helping others, and we feel grateful that we are able to help and make the lives of other human beings on this earth better! It is only when we all come together that we can accomplish anything, so please join us in making 2016 the best year yet!



Sophie Lööf

March 3, 2016

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