hoh feb 17

I wake up at 6:30 and slept really well because I had earplugs in since there was a wedding party last night not far from my tent. I get up and do my usual morning chores, the difference now is that it’s a little warmer at night and as soon as the sun comes up over the mountains at seven it immediately becomes warm outside. I have eaten all of the breakfasts that I brought with me, so it is pasta with meat sauce for breakfast. I also boil three eggs for lunch while I drink my coffee and enjoy the morning sun.

The goal for today is to finish the last roof frames and mold castings in the walls so that we can mount the roof frames in the morning. My new student friends have offered to work today and tomorrow, so today they will sort and organize all the stones lying around the building, I am very grateful for their help.

The last few days I have felt a little worried and stressed about the amount of time we have to get the roof frames up before I go home. I am really hoping that the day goes as planned.

There is lots of responsibility on me today at the work site since Shyam is in Kathmandu to buy rice, seeds, fruit tree seedlings and building materials as we are running low. The carpenters make do, and build molds, while I continue with the rebar and building rafters. The walls are being built up on the short sides and the students are sorting and organizing stones around the site.

We finish the castings just before lunch as planned, which I feel happy about. Now it just depends on me to finish making the rafters, which I will do. It’s really hot and sunny today, like a summer day in Sweden so I drink lots of water. The students are working very hard and when the day is over, they have sorted almost all of the stones around the house; this will facilitate and save a lot of work for the bricklayers. I feel very grateful for their help.

I go to wash clothes, and myself as this is the last time I will wash my clothes in the river since I only have two days left until I go to Kathmandu.

I cook over my fire while the sun sets. I am feeling very excited and hopeful for tomorrow, since the roof frames will be in place!

As I sit here and write my diary I can hear another wedding start. Asha told me earlier today that during the time I have been here there have been 10 weddings in the village. Apparently this is the time when couples get married according to tradition. Now I socialize a little with the students, they offer me a beer and invite me to sit in front of their bonfire with them. How can I refuse?

Thanks for today!


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