I woke up at 7:00, feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. It’s just starting to get light outside. I get up and do my usual morning chores. I make porridge with apple and coffee for breakfast. It’s nice to be back in Ratankot after a few days in Kathmandu. It is terribly dirty and poor air in Kathmandu. I get a blocked nose and do not feel so good there at all. Many people are even wearing masks. Here in the village, there is so much more clean air!

Shyam comes with his puppy Bhoti, we talk about the progress of the building Home of Hope, as there has been progress made during the days I was away. Today it is once again casting on the schedule. It feels good to be back at the building. Work will start a bit slow today, as there was a wedding party last night and it has left its mark on the workers. Today we have 12 people working including Shyam and myself.

done 5

After a rice beer break at 12:00 Shyam starts casting and I continue to work with reinforcement to keep up with him. It’s a fun atmosphere, since I think they are getting to know me and make jokes. Work is progressing really well now; a little beer did the trick! We have a lunch break that is always around 14:00; I’ll only have coffee, since I ate the last break.

My newfound friend Brecht from Belgium is coming from Kathmandu and he has brought two friends from Belgium that will stay for two nights. I talk a little with them. Work starts up again, I continue with reinforcement and also help Shyam with casting in between. Now it is 16:50, and we’ve had time to cast the whole yard today, even though there were clear doubts among builders in the morning, they are very impressed that we got so much accomplished.

Now begins the evening chores, fetching water and wood, as well as starting the fire before it gets dark and cold. For supper it is pasta with chicken. I sit down and write my diary during the time that it takes the water to boil. Has been a fun and productive day. The icing on the cake was the really nice weather! That’s all for today!


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