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Johan’s Diary – 26th of January 2016

8:00 I wake up to my alarm, and doze off a little. Looking out and the sun rising up over the mountains, very beautiful sight! Starting to cook breakfast, and today it will be another variety of oatmeal along with coffee, which tastes really good. Shyam calls me, as some of the village people from lower Ratankot are here to retrieve rice.

08:45 I will take the opportunity to wash some clothes and myself now when the sun feels warmer. I go down to “my” little waterfall, which is a little further away from where I have my tent this time, about a 10 minute walk. I wash all my laundry and myself, which was clearly needed, and it feels really good to be clean and have clean clothes.

10:00 I get back to the tent, and the first front door frame is about to be installed so I help to measure where it will be placed in the wall.

blog post 26

I then hang my laundry where I have stretched a clothesline between some small trees to the tent. Now I am hoping the sun will continue to stay and dry my clothes.

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Shyam goes to the market to try and get fuel for the truck so we can transport more sand and cement.

11:00 I sit down and do some drawings of the rafters. I get interrupted occasionally to go and measure the position of the inner walls, so the workers know where to place the reinforcement bars in the walls.

12:30 The drawings are done now that I know the proper dimensions, and the amount of materials and timber are accounted for. It’s looking pretty promising, I just need to get some timber that will be sawed to the right dimensions, but I do not think we need to acquire more, which is great considering the budget!

14:00 I fix some lunch and send a few text messages to Sophie.

14:30 Now next door, the future main entrance is being fitted, I assist them with this.

15:00 I go down to Shyam to charge my phone, since the sun has not been out much today since I hung my laundry. I have not managed to get my solar panel charged properly, as there was no sun yesterday either. I talk a little with Asha (Shyam’s wife) and their little puppy dog ​​looks like a teddy bear. I get to meet the now five days old baby goat, and take videos and pictures that I will send to Sophie.

16:30 My phone is better loaded now and I manage to cut the Nepalese SIM card I bought some time ago for my spare phone in Nepal, and then even get the internet to work on my phone. Time to message and check emails before it stops working. I realize that there was not much surf on my cash card, which I will have to talk to Shyam tomorrow about loading more.

17:30 I start heating water for dinner, as it’s is quite cold and quite cloudy now. The rain has stopped so I start to write my diary. I have to do it before the fire goes out, and before it rains again. I am guessing that the computer does not appreciate the rain.

18:10 The food is ready when it begins to rain again, which interrupts my writing. I take my computer into the tent along with dinner. This is the first time this trip I have eaten dinner inside my tent.

19:00 I clear some photos from the camera.

20:00 I take a cup of tea and eat three three licorice dumle toffee and solve some crossword puzzles. I send a little SMS to Sophie, TorBjörn and Martin.

21:15 I’m getting tired, and lay down in my sleeping bag to listen to the rain beating against the tent. It is quite cozy but cold, it is not many degrees above zero now. I fall asleep quickly!

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